Change Log

2024-01-15: Fixed timezone display issues on manage member page.

2023-11-23: Restricted use of “” domain name for e-mail usage in HCOL.

2023-07-15: Added member’s reply-to email address on membership receipts sent to management.

2023-04-23: Added ability to take donations to online payments page. Updated nickname on payment receipts.

2023-04-21: Corrected issue when attaching file to member record with incorrect description. Corrected issue with new memberships with clubs who align a expiration dates not to calendar year. Restricted FCC expiration notifications to only FCC amateurs.

2022-07-24: Corrected multiple issues with exports. Added additional columns to Skills export.

2022-06-30: Fixed error with file attachment downloads from root folder.

2022-05-30: Updated code for new group_id API, updated onboard process in club configuration. Updated back end infrastructure for HCOL landing page.

2022-05-27: Fixed frequency coordinator repeater map non-display issue.

2022-05-22: Updated back end infrastructure for HCOL application. Added page filter to manage assets. Added reply to header to HCOL forwarded e-mails. Added CSV export to membership export. Removed ARRL VEC and GLAARG VEC from system for many, many reasons (use Skills to replace.)

2022-05-15: Fixed issue with membership types changing on a future membership which did not reflect on roster. Removed support for Braintree payments.

2022-02-14: Added new member chooser on relationship add member management function. Added page sorter to manage club assets.

2022-01-26: Fixed renewal logic for clubs with a fixed date expiration that is not December 31.

2022-01-23: Added to/from bearings and distance in km and what3words on member profile page.

2021-12-31: Fixed issue with false error message when deleting membership type. Updated maintain e-mail templates page with more information. Fixed issue with bulk member import with e-mail address case mismatches.

2021-08-21: Added self check in option on adding new calendar event.  Member role assignments report now sortable and direct links to role assignments.

2021-07-05: Initial release of alternate currency codes. Fixed issue with TTS notifications and updated TTS/SMS originating number to comply with new US carrier policies for A2P notifications.

2021-03-07: Added initial support for Square payments.  Added support for automatic invitations.

2021-01-23: Wrote automated support system. Fixed issue with attendance managers not being able to take attendance. Added e-mail address to payment receipts/club application. Added expired clubs to main menu.

2020-10-25: Initial release of club APIs. Added “Added By” to Added to Roster notifications.

2020-10-24: Filter PO Box’s on address fields with a space. Use club short name instead of long name in PayPal receipts. Added ability to mark members as SK.

2020-08-16: Updated error message on events with a changed event manager.

2020-06-09: Fixed issue with FCC changing location of Amateur Radio license updates. Fixed an issue with membership map showing expired members on the map.

2020-02-22: Fixed an issue with exporting assets to Excel.

2020-01-12: Fixed an issue with newsletter editors not being able to read their newsletter as they do not have the skill for which the communication was sent.

2019-11-23: Fixed bug with automated payment posting from Braintree/Paypal for clubs with an initiation fee on new memberships.

2019-10-20: Fixed bug with change e-mail page. Few cosmetic/typo changes.

2019-10-05: Added .zip and raised limit for files attached to calendar events. Corrected error messages on change e-mail page. Users with administrator role will never be automatically removed from roster. Added recent attendance to manage member page.

2019-09-22: Added “Role Count” to member export report. Added “Last Login” to Security Role Assignments report. Added what3words support.

2019-07-13: Updated Calendar page to default to filter only scheduled events.

2019-06-10: Corrected automatic FCC updates with FRNs with multiple callsigns.

2019-05-05: Updated Reset Password code to not e-mail accounts with invalid e-mail addresses. Added disclaimer to public roster. Added navigation links to roster, calendar, and reset password pages.

2019-04-28: Upgraded WordPress site after bad plugin troubles.

2019-03-13: Added ability for members to self check-in for events. Events must be set to allow self check-in (default is off.) Member’s may check in one hour before and up to 24 hours after an event ends. For events that require a check-in code, the code can be found on “take attendance” page or “manage event” page.

2019-03-03: Clubs that have no public and available for new members membership types will show an error message on payment3 page instead of nothing.

2019-02-16: Check that member has logged in before adding security roles. Added caution notices on adding new members manually.

2019-01-19: Fixed Lifetime expiring immediately with PayPal payments.

2019-01-06: Lifetime expiration dates show as (Lifetime) instead of 2099-12-31 on Roster and Manage Members. Updated wordings on Maintain Club Application Configuration page.

2018-12-29: Minor tweak to geocoding addresses with 9 digit US zipcodes. Added files and links system and new management role. Added member profiles to roster when logged in and associated roster config option. GLARRG VE list was able to be imported and marked as VE. (If you want another VE group, have them publish their accreditation list!) Added Excel export for Club Assets.

2018-12-02: Display expired/affiliates on skills management page. Streamlined payment pages. Added lifetime and expire on particular day to maintain membership types, add membership time and member payment pages.

2018-10-18: Added filter for “Expiring Soon” to manage members page. Added FAQ for Membership Settings. New member’s time zone is set on geocoded address rather than the adding member’s time zone.

2018-08-31: Removed rank level checks and display on manage member.  Club communications can now be sent to “Expiring Soon” member status.  Updated FAQ on getting PayPal rest API key.

2018-08-22: Added new security role “Can Send Mass E-Mails” to allow sending of club communications only.

2018-07-18: Added auditing information to calendar event attendance report. Club communication attachment can now be up to 20 megabytes in size. Added more instructions on club communication page. Updated manage member phone number page. Fixed issue with future memberships with new members that have not had a membership before.

2018-06-25: Added Recurring column to Manage Events page. Added event ID to event reminder emails. Added placeholders for aligning membership expiration dates to calendar dates.

2018-06-09: Cosmetic change to forget password page. Updated manage repeater page, contacts display (frequency coordinators)

2018-05-28: New security roles system released.

2018-05-27: Change log started.