Change Log

2018-12-02: Display expired/affiliates on skills management page. Streamlined payment pages. Added lifetime and expire on particular day to maintain membership types, add membership time and member payment pages.

2018-10-18: Added filter for “Expiring Soon” to manage members page. Added FAQ for Membership Settings. New member’s time zone is set on geocoded address rather than the adding member’s time zone.

2018-08-31: Removed rank level checks and display on manage member.  Club communications can now be sent to “Expiring Soon” member status.  Updated FAQ on getting PayPal rest API key.

2018-08-22: Added new security role “Can Send Mass E-Mails” to allow sending of club communications only.

2018-07-18: Added auditing information to calendar event attendance report. Club communication attachment can now be up to 20 megabytes in size. Added more instructions on club communication page. Updated manage member phone number page. Fixed issue with future memberships with new members that have not had a membership before.

2018-06-25: Added Recurring column to Manage Events page. Added event ID to event reminder emails. Added placeholders for aligning membership expiration dates to calendar dates.

2018-06-09: Cosmetic change to forget password page. Updated manage repeater page, contacts display (frequency coordinators)

2018-05-28: New security roles system released.

2018-05-27: Change log started.