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Latest News Articles:

November 22: HamClubOnline 501(c)3 Status

I am pleased to announce that HamClubOnline recently has been determined a 501(c)3 charitable organization from the IRS and incorporated in California.

More information to be released soon, but this basically means that we are able to offer tax-deductible (check with your accountant) charitable donations from most individuals and organizations as well as enjoy discounted services from some of service providers.

October 31: E-Mail Delivery Delays

Our transactional e-mail provider (Sparkpost) seems to be having trouble delivering e-mail for the last few days.. we have just implemented a change and resubmitted the delayed e-mails.  We apologize if you receive a duplicate e-mail.

July 20: Downtime

Apologies for the short downtime this morning, our service provider had an issue on the hardware we were running on and we have been moved to new hardware.

Bad FCC Update

It appears that the FCC changed the location that they were posting their updates and we processed a complete “update” from the FCC that was dated sometime in February.  We have updated our links and re-ran the update.  We apologize for the erroneous e-mails that some of our users received.

A special thank you to Michael WT9V and the Richardson Wireless Klub for the quick information on what happened at the FCC.