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Beta Groups Wanted

HamClubOnline is currently looking for great Amateur Radio clubs to participate in its free beta program.

Some of the features of HamClubOnline are:

  • Automatic operator address/license class/expiration date syncing to public databases
  • Multiple membership options (ex: Full member, family member, student member, free member, etc.)
  • Multiple club ranks (ex: Non-voting, Full member, Officer, Director, etc.)
  • Automatic membership renewal notifications via e-mail
  • Automatic membership removal for expired members
  • Member notes and files depository
  • Member phone number and e-mail validation
  • Club elections (positions or amendments) via e-mail
  • E-mail announcements and newsletters to membership (with attachments)
  • Online club application form and tracking
  • Club event tracking (position signups, RSVP and attendance)
  • Recurring events
  • Group training skills tracking (RACES/ARES)
  • Emergency group SMS and voice TTS paging for activation levels
  • Public roster integration into your public website (via inline frames)
  • Private roster integration into your members online website (via inline frames)
  • Public calendar integration into your website (via inline frames)
  • Automatic secure credit card subscription processing (via Braintree Payments)
  • Automatic membership renewal options
  • Financial revenue reporting
  • Membership trend reporting
  • Club asset tracking (fixed and non-fixed assets)
  • RSS activity feeds

As of March 2017, over 25 clubs and 1000 beta members are participating with HamClubOnline..

To participate, click here for more information.