November 23: ARRL e-mail issues

ARRL e-mail forwarding service, which seems to be outsourced to, is constantly having e-mail delivery issues. HamClubOnline will be immediately disabling all e-mails to, please contact your club administrator or login to change your e-mail to a proper e-mail provider.

March 7: Square &

Today we have released support for Square Payments and automatic member invitations. Both can be added by a HamClubOnline club administrator on the maintain club configuration menu.

November 22: HamClubOnline 501(c)3 Status

I am pleased to announce that HamClubOnline recently has been determined a 501(c)3 charitable organization from the IRS and incorporated in California.

More information to be released soon, but this basically means that we are able to offer tax-deductible (check with your accountant) charitable donations from most individuals and organizations as well as enjoy discounted services from some of service providers.

October 31: E-Mail Delivery Delays

Our transactional e-mail provider (Sparkpost) seems to be having trouble delivering e-mail for the last few days.. we have just implemented a change and resubmitted the delayed e-mails.  We apologize if you receive a duplicate e-mail.

July 20: Downtime

Apologies for the short downtime this morning, our service provider had an issue on the hardware we were running on and we have been moved to new hardware.

Bad FCC Update

It appears that the FCC changed the location that they were posting their updates and we processed a complete “update” from the FCC that was dated sometime in February.  We have updated our links and re-ran the update.  We apologize for the erroneous e-mails that some of our users received.

A special thank you to Michael WT9V and the Richardson Wireless Klub for the quick information on what happened at the FCC.

Security Roles Update

Good holiday weekend HamClubOnline Administrators,

A long time requested feature has finally been implemented!

HamClubOnline has switched from using access levels to a role-based security system. Your current access levels have been mapped to the new role-based security model.

The new security roles are:

Administrator – Access to all modules and configuration screens AND assigns security roles to members.
Assets Manager – Creates and maintains Fixed Assets
Attendance Manager – Can take attendance for all events
Communications Manager – Creates and maintains newsletters/communications, can issue activation alerts and receives club communications
Elections Manager – Creates and maintains elections and surveys
Emergency Manager – Can issue activation alerts
Events Manager – Creates and maintains club events and can take attendance for all events
Finance Manager – View financial and membership reports AND post all financial transactions to members
Membership Manager – Add/remove members from club, make roster changes, post membership only transactions to members, manage applicants
Skills Manager – Assign and maintain skills on members
Store Manager – Maintains item catalog for store and performs order management for store orders

Administrative security will no longer be assigned by club rank. You will find these new roles on the manage member screen. Administrators can assign/remove roles, others will be able to view only. A role-based security report will be available under the membership reports menu.

Access levels 0 and 1 are still in use for limited and normal members in the ranks configuration and will allow more granular controls soon.

At your convenience, please log in and modify permissions for your staff as necessary.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact support.

Thank you for your continued support!

73 de AJ6B, Sean Reigle