HamClubOnline requires each user to have a unique e-mail address, what if I have members who share the same e-mail?

Because HamClubOnline does not require someone to have an Amateur Radio license to be a club member, there had to be some unique way to identify people.  We chose to use e-mail addresses as the unique method to identify people.  Event tracking, club elections, newsletters, etc. require a unique method to function properly.  HCOL encourages people to establish an e-mail address for each member, especially in this day in age.  Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook all offer good e-mail services at no cost.  If your members insist on using the same e-mail together and they are on a provider that allows sub-addressing, Gmail for example, HCOL accepts this method to differentiate users within the same main e-mail mailbox.  For more information on sub-addressing, see this article on Wikipedia or review the IETF RFC 5233.

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