How does the skills system work?

Skills are a powerful system inside of HamClubOnline.Com.   Skills can be expiring (such as CPR or first aid certifications, badging requirements, etc.) or lifetime (such as ICS100 certification, Net Control skill, etc.)

Skills are first created in the Maintain Skills Master module from the club menu.  The following options are available per skill:

  • Number of Days Until Skill Expires
  • Number Days Before Skill Expires to Warn Member (the system will automatically e-mail the member to let them know their skill will expire in x days)
  • Warn Member When Skill Has Expired (the system will automatically e-mail the member to let them know their skill has expired)
  • Available? (if not available, no members may be placed into the skill and the skill will no longer show any place except for the Maintain Skills Master module.)
  • Can Members See They Have This Skill? (if enabled, members will be able to see that they have this skill on the HamClubOnline website.)
  • Required Skill? (if enabled, members will see that they do not have this skill when on the HamClubOnline website and that it is required.)

To assign members into a skill group, use the Manage Member Skills module from the club menu.

  • When adding a skill, the system will automatically use the current date/time as the date acquired.
  • If adding an expiring skill, the system will automatically add x amount of days to the current/date time for the expiration.
  • Member’s skills that have expired will appear in red on the skill assignment screen.  Even thou they are displayed, they are not considered to have the skill any longer when they have expired.  Expired member skills are retained for informational purposes and may be removed.
  • Members who are inactivated from the roster will retain their skills in the database.  If reactivated to the club, the member’s skills will automatically be reactivated as well.  The member will still receive expiration notices for expiring skills even if they are no longer active on your roster.

How are skills used in HamClubOnline?

  • Skills may be used to send special newsletters or communications to members with only that skill.
  • Club calendar events may be restricted to certain skill groups.
  • Activation alerts may also be sent to an individual skill group.
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